About - Jens Wazel


Beauty is everywhere.

After many years in the Pacific Northwest, in California, and on Maui, I am now living, dancing and photographing in Berlin.


"Your eye is from the inside, as a dancer." ~Arjuna Vinn Marti, creator of Soul Motion®

"You 'give' rather than 'take' photos. Your camera exudes love!" ~Steph

"Jens has an eye that captures essence, and a way into the depth of a person while providing space for the natural to unfold. His work is truthful and captures life." ~Alicia

"Your heart sees through your eyes and we are so fortunate to see what you feel." ~Ladan

"Your photos exude a tenderness for humanity that is uniquely compelling." ~Shannon

"Very talented photographer with an eye for capturing life in a puddle or the ocean or a person." ~Peace

My profile picture was taken by my wonderful photographer friend John Vigran in Marin County, CA.

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