About - Jens Wazel

Unexpected beauty

I am a photographer and conscious dance teacher. After spending half of my life on the American West Coast, I moved back to Berlin in 2017.

My portraits celebrate inner and outer beauty in all its formsI support teachers in the healing, dance and theatre communities with photos and videos for their workshops and practices. And I love to photograph dance and performances.

English | Deutsch

"You 'give' rather than 'take' photos. Your camera exudes love!" ~Steph (Denver)

"Your heart sees through your eyes and we are so fortunate to see what you feel." ~Ladan (Seattle)

"Ein von Herzen kommendes Dankeschön an Jens, der mit seiner starken Präsenz den Raum für diese Emotionen gehalten und mit seinen Bildern sichtbar gemacht hat." ~Anke (Berlin)

"Jens has an eye that captures essence, and a way into the depth of a person while providing space for the natural to unfold. His work is truthful and captures life." ~Alicia (San Francisco)

"Your photos exude a tenderness for humanity that is uniquely compelling." ~Shannon (Seattle)

"Your eye is from the inside, as a dancer." ~Arjuna Vinn Marti (Portland)

"Very talented photographer with an eye for capturing life in a puddle or the ocean or a person." ~Peace (Seattle)

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