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I grew up in former East Germany, spent half of my life on the American West Coast, and am now based in Berlin.

My work is about essence, looking behind the surface: intimate and tender, playful and fun.

My photos and videos appear on a variety of websites and in magazinesFor the latest, see New and follow me on YouTube and Instagram.

"You 'give' rather than 'take' photos." 
~Steph Wilson (Denver)

"Jens has an eye that captures essence.
His work is truthful and captures life."
~Alicia Rypma (San Francisco)

"Your photos exude a tenderness for humanity
that is uniquely compelling."
~Shannon Noel (Seattle)

"Your heart sees through your eyes and we are so fortunate to see what you feel."
~Ladan Yalzadeh (Seattle)

“I so like your clear and uncluttered style of seeing.”
~Janet Adler (Vancouver, B.C.)

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