It was a big year for my work...
Here are some of the highlights

Video | Documentary

New video portraits of movement teachers Daria Halprin and Zuza Englerchoreographer Cristina Caprioli, lecturer Ken Dychtwald, film directors Annekatrin HendelGrit Lemke and Andreas Dresen, and a tribute for dance legend Gabrielle Roth.


Interviews with Annekatrin Hendel, Grit Lemke, Andreas Dresen, and choreographer Toula Limnaios for my "Kurz und Knapp" series in Berlin city magazine Mein/4Press events with actor Ben Becker (two photos became official press photos for his new tour), environmental activist Vandana Shiva, and composers Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer

Photo series in DAS MAGAZIN.
Album and book cover for new release by singer Felix Meyer.

Photos | Dance

Tanz im August festival in Berlin (as one of two staff photographers for part of it). 
Some of my photos and a video appear on the official festival website: here and here.

New piece by Toula Limnaious.


Exhibit with photos and videos of dance icon Anna Halprin at Berlin bookstore Einar & Bert

Photos | Events

Photos | Portraits

People in Berlin and on the West Coast.

Photos | Urban + Nature

Walks through Berlin and Prague, at the Ostsee and in the American West.

Video | Journeys

New videos in Journeys series.


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