Jo Cobbett

Jo Cobbett is an embodied movement teacher based in Los Angeles. She trained with Gabrielle Roth (5Rhythms), Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper (Continuum), Vincent Martínez-Grieco (Soul Motion) and with Open Floor. Jo is also a massage therapist and trained in craniosacral therapy.

Jo has been teaching dance for 25 years. She and Michael Molin-Skelton created the first Sunday morning dance in Los Angeles, which they co-led for 8 years. Jo is still offering several weekly dances and is also teaching retreats and workshops, both in the U.S. and internationally.

I met Jo dancing 15 years ago at Esalen, and we then crossed paths many times there and also at the annual NCDC Summer Camp, where Jo has been teaching for years. We sat down in early March 2020 in her home in L.A. for a  conversation about dance and healing, about movement and stillness.


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