Michael Molin-Skelton

Michael Molin-Skelton has been a dancer all of his life. He performed and choreographed in companies for 15 years, before he met Gabrielle Roth in 1994. He  began teaching the 5Rhythms, and in 2001 also became one of the first certified teachers of Soul Motion. Michael’s teaching is greatly influenced by Susan Harper and her Continuum Montage, and he is a certified Esalen massage practitioner. After many years in Los Angeles, Michael and his family now live in Port Townsend near Seattle.

I met Michael in 2005 during a workshop in Vancouver. He is one of my favorite dance teachers, a mentor and a friend. I have danced and visited with Michael many times, and I was happy to see him again in Hamburg in the Summer of 2019, where we sat down for an interview.


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