Rafia Morgan

Rafia Morgan is a therapist and facilitator of group processes and trainings. He has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work since 1976. After completing his BA (honors) in Economics at UC Berkeley he recognized a personal need to move away from social and political action and focus on inner exploration. In 1978 he met his spiritual master Osho and spent many years in his presence.

Over the years Rafia has passionately investigated his own inner world and has participated and trained in many spiritual and therapeutic approaches. He is cofounder of "Path of Love", an intensive 7-day group process to awaken human potential, and of the "Working With People" trainings for counselors.

I met Rafia in 2018 when I staffed a "Path of Love" retreat in Germany, and again in September 2021 when he led a “Working with People” training near Berlin. In our interview we talked about his journey and his work, about longing, relationships and the importance of peak experiences.

Video | Full Interview

Video | Excerpts


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