G Hoffman Soto

G Hoffman Soto – or Soto – has been involved in the Movement Arts for almost 50 years. This has included a wide range of postmodern dance, African and Brazilian Dance, Japanese Butoh and various movement disciplines. Additionally, he has studied Martial Arts for 47 years including Tai Qi Chuan and Chinese Internal Arts, Capoiera, Aikido, and the Filipino Martial Arts.

Soto has been teaching in the field of Somatics and Movement Awareness since 1969 and has taught at a wide range of schools, studios, centers and institutes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as internationally. Most profoundly his approach to movement has been influenced and shaped by Anna Halprin, with whom he studied and worked. Soto was a member of the Tamalpa faculty for 38 years.

I met Soto in his home in San Diego in March 2020. We had a spirited conversation about life and art, movement, teaching and living.


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