Terry Gilbey

Terry Gilbey is the General Manager and CEO of renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Originally from the UK, he is a seasoned executive who has worked in both for profit and nonprofit organizations.

Terry first came to Esalen in 2016 as a work scholar and extended student, and then remained on with a handful of community members during the Institute's closure in 2017. He worked in the Esalen Kitchen and supported the management team as they worked through the complex task of re-opening. Terry was named General Manager to oversee daily operations and, in January of 2018, took on the additional responsibility for Programming, Human Resources, and Marketing and Communications.

I met Terry in February 2020 when I returned to Esalen as a workshop assistant. We sat down for an interview about both the rich history of the Institute as well as plans for its future. And we talked about the challenges related to the 2017 closure. Little did we know that just a few weeks later Esalen would have to close its doors again due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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