Turiya Hanover

Turiya Hanover is a therapist and group leader. Her personal journey into human development started when she did an Encounter workshop in 1970. She and her husband were part of the first German Humanistic Psychology Growth Centre “Zist”. She then spent many years in India with Osho.

Turiya has been leading personal development workshops and trainings worldwide since 1973. She is cofounder of "Path of Love", an intensive 7-day group process to awaken human potential, and of the "Working With People" trainings for counselors.

I met Turiya in 2018 when I staffed a "Path of Love" retreat in Germany, and again in September 2021 when she led a “Working with People” training near Berlin. In our interview we talked about her journey and her work, about death and the longing for Home.

Video | Full Interview

Video | Excerpts


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