Vincent Martínez-Grieco

Vincent Martínez-Grieco (formerly known as Vinn Arjuna Martí) is the founder and designer of the Soul Motion conscious dance practice. Originally from the Bronx, he has been living in Portland since 1974. He created Soul Motion as a synthesis of his classical dance training, work in New Thought Christianity, and his experience with meditation and yoga.

Vincent has been teaching movement for over 35 years. He has brought Soul Motion to workshops, retreat centers, private classes and teacher trainings all over the world, growing his life’s work into an internationally-recognized conscious movement practice, taught by certified teachers around the world.

I first experienced Soul Motion at dance camp in Northern California in 2004, and I immediately knew that I had found my practice. It was a pivotal moment for me when Vincent asked me, in Esalen's Huxley, to "look up", "spread your wings" and "find your back". I have been studying with him ever since, and started teaching in 2005. It was a joy to catch up with Vincent in Hamburg in 2019 and Esalen in 2020.

Video | Esalen 2020

Video | Hamburg 2019


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